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  © Lathan Ball 2009   Wedding and Portrait Photographer

   Wedding and Portrait Photography in Cardiff and South Wales (including Vale of Glamorgan & Caerphilly).


Threesixteen grew out of a collaboration between photographer Lathan Ball and Counties evangelist Clive Cornish in a project named Pray Wales. Walking, running and climbing with the cross Pray Wales primary objective is to challenge people to think again about the Gospel message - that Jesus loves them no matter who they are or what they have done


Threesixteen and Pray Wales will continue to collaborate in this unique and creative work. The cross is a very powerful image and even just the sight of this symbol forces people to ask the question, “Do I believe or not?” Provoking responses that include laugher, anger and genuine interest.


Threesixteen is developing a unique photography exhibition to challenge new audiences to think again about the Gospel message. Picture books and documentary films describing the walks are also being prepared. Threesixteen supports it’s activities through a range of Christian cards, prints, books and films.


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